The smartest way to manage your business

Boost puts everything you need to run your business in one place while providing access to enhanced services and communication tools
  • Users can have complete confidence in the fact that they know what is going on with their business
  • All points of contact are in one place which saves a tremendous amount of time
  • All systems can be integrated for one point of access
  • Ability to go on vacation or work remotely without worrying about the business
  • Save time and money by having everything needed to make good business decisions in one place.
  • Increased functionality thanks to virtual, cloud-based solutions that are accessible from anywhere.
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"The Boost app made it possible for us to manage the business from anywhere. We have complete visibility into everything going on and can contact anyone who is working on anything related to the business."

- Orin Wilson, C3 Consolidated

"I'm able to manage everything from one place. It makes running a business seem much simpler!"

- Raney Azada, Fulton CPAs

Our Story

Businesses need a strategic partner to help guide their business to a successful future. They have a community that depends on their success and we want to use whatever means that are at our disposal to help them secure that success. If our purpose is to introduce more truth, love, and order into the world, then this is one of the means by which we choose to act.

Our Vision

Our vision has always been to change the business services industry by pursuing innovative solutions for leadership, growth, and improvement. We want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be through the pursuit of excellence and growth while helping others do the same.


One universal, 360 view and point of access for what runs the business delivered through one platform. The platform makes it possible to continuously monitor performance and make adjustments based on learning systems embedded within the platform.


How it works


Whatever your pain points, be it staff development, marketing, accounting, etc., Boost connects you with what you need to remove headaches and make your business thrive. The entire system learns from the needs and actions of our users. As you seek to extract more value, the Boost platform will seek to provide that value to you. As your business expands, the platform will learn and expand with you.


There is no better way to access the services, metrics, and guidance related to the needs of your business. Boost gives users on place to access everything about their business which puts the time and value back into their hands. This is the one-touch solution that business owners and managers have needed for a long time.

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"The smartest product
in the market"

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